Partners Worldwide Business Summit 2017

January 19 – 21 2017, YMCA Pune, India.

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Testimonies from Business Seva members

Amit and Munmun

…I think the other thing that really encouraged me personally was the 6X6; mindblowing. Because we knew that we needed to be a part of this were we could help other people and of course they could help us…

Amit and Munmun Dil PunjabiWatch full video
Joel S Godi

…Today I find myself in a very secured group of people who are mentoring us, guiding us, telling us and connecting us to various sources telling us about how God wants us …

Joel S GodiSonShine Foods and BeveragesWatch full video
…Partners Worldwide and Business Seva have been an immense strength in building my confidence  in my ideas.
YaminiDesign Craft Read full testimony
Soujanya Sunil

God has been using me with a lot of ideas. I have a lot of ideas now and I am so happy and I am so glad that God put me in this family of Business Seva.

Soujanya SunilSarah BridalsWatch full video