A Movement: Partners Worldwide is a dynamic global network of business and professional people who bear witness to their faith and love in Jesus Christ so that rich and poor, individuals and groups, communities and nations are transformed to more completely reflect the kingdom of God.

Business as Mission: We believe that God has uniquely equipped and placed businesspeople to use their skills and experience to be agents of transformation within their own businesses, in their communities, and around the world.

Part of the Solution: We recognize that businesspeople are gifted and positioned to respond to the challenges of global poverty with enterprising, empowering solutions.


Our Focus: Partners Worldwide walks alongside business leaders who have servant hearts, a kingdom focus, and a passion for a world without poverty.

In the countries where we work we partner with local business champions and networks that care about their communities, know the business environment, and can build on the local resources.

We engage and support our network of business people through global partnerships and personal relationships that transform the lives of all involved. We provide a framework for healthy cross-cultural partnerships, vibrant networking, and shared learning opportunities. We promote models and tools for success and sustainability—including training, mentoring, access to capital, and advocacy tools.

We encourage our partnerships to focus on the small and medium business sector—the “missing middle” in the developing world. These are businesses that have made, or have the potential to make, the jump from an informal micro enterprise to a formal small to medium enterprise (SME).This sector, which faces some of the greatest challenges in the developing world, is under-served yet has amazing potential for impacting poverty through job creation and leadership.