Becoming a Business Seva Member

  1. Locate a chapter Locate a chapter nearest to you.
  2. Contact the respective Branch Mentor for the chapter.
  3. Express your desire to be part of Business Seva and permit our Branch Mentor to explain the various services and activities of Business Seva through which you can be benefited and also contribute to.
  4. Upon Branch Mentor’s consent, upload your business details at the Business Listings  page.

Benefits for Christian Business Leaders

  1. Become part of growing community.
  2. Access to a network of local, regional, national and international Christian businessmen and women.
  3. National and International conferences for exploring business opportunities, for fellowship, training and inspiration.
  4. Registration subsidies for various national events.
  5. Access to the PW Business Curriculum, a world class curriculum formulated from inputs from 26 countries.
  6. Advice and counseling to members whose businesses are experiencing crisis.

Begin the membership process.