The 5 pillars that Business Seva works

  • Relation Building

    Every Branch Mentor at each Chapter spends time to know each member, his operations, his key managers, his church affiliation and his family. This relation building exercise is intentional and helps the branch mentor to know the business owner personally.

  • Training

    PW offers business curriculum training program which Business Seva offers to its members spread over 12 weeks. The curriculum is biblical based and covers each aspect of business. We have a 6*6 Group curriculum as well intended to help and grow on another.

  • Mentoring

    Over the 5 years some chapters have been on board for a long time whereas some are new. Mostly among the new chapters there is always need for experienced mentors. Business Seva offers mentoring locally, regionally , nationally and globally.

  • Networking

    Networking is a key pillar in helping the business owner to move to the next level. Business Seva has a portal where networking opportunity across India happens. We have local, regional, national and international events through which businesses are networked.

  • Connecting Businesses to Financial Institutions

    Over the years Business Seva has developed and built contacts with Fullerton India Ltd, an NBFC offering small loans to business owners.