SonShine Foods and Beverages – Joel S Godi

I have a business called SonShine Food and Beverages where we make Indian continental cuisine and cater to a niche clientele. I was introduced to Business Seva about an year ago. In the beginning I had not much hope until I attended a conference this year in the month of March, that changed everything for me. For many many years being in business alone and being a Christian trying to do business in the environment that we have in India there are so many questions. This conference, Marketplace Revolution 13, gave me a release from many of these situations.

Today I find myself in a very secured group of people who are mentoring us, guiding us, telling us and connecting us to various sources telling us about how God wants us and have chosen us to be businessmen in his/her community to bring about a change in this world. I totally believe in Partners Worldwide’s vision for business as a ministry for eradication of poverty and Business Seva through Mr. Michael Brian has really been a blessing to me.

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