Dil Punjabi – Amit and Munmun

We have a business called Dil Punjabi. It is a food chain, a restaurant in the Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. We got into the food line about two years ago. We are not trained in business or we haven’t had any formal education in business. But the Lord just opened the doors and He guided us.

I think one great advantage or the great sight that business Seva had given us was the fact that the your business itself is a mission field. But we still thought that business is separate from the mission field, from the work that God is calling us to do and with Business Seva we were so motivated by every member that we met there because they were using their own business as a mission. And that is when it hit us that we need to use this reataurant Dil Punjabi and any other business that we do, we have to keep the perspective of Business as Mission in mind. Whether it is with our Staff or encouraging the customers who come here. However we can get the message of Gospel of the Cross we should definitely do that. And Business Seva totaly changed our mind in perspective upon that. I think it gave us more value for our business. We realised that it is the Lord’s business; we are just stewards in doing this and He could use us within this business as well; not just financially but other ways.

I think the other thing that really encouraged me personally was the 6X6; mindblowing. Because we knew that we needed to be a part of this were we could help other people and of course they could help us, but that this could actually grow so I think it is just this month that we are going to start a 6X6 as well; being part with the other people. It was a great motivation bacause at the end of the day you know that your struggles are not alone. There are other people who are there with you and the Lord is also helping so it is such a great encouragement to see other people whose businesses have flourished.

So I think that way business Seva has been a great blessing to us. In fact after we took on this perspective, I have personally seen that our business is really grown. So I think that the Lord honors when his purposes are built into anything that we do. It has grown, it has been an encouragement. Now we are coming up with innovative ideas. We came up with the idea, I think again in one of the Business Seva conferences, we realised that we could use it as a channel to communicate just verses to people, the customers who are coming. Just to encourage them along with the food, that they could go out with a verse from the Lord.

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