Sarah Bridals – Soujanya Sunil

As a bride I was searching for my veil and I wanted a very long veil, which I didn’t get. So I said okay let me make my own veil and I started making my own veil and a lot of people who came to my wedding really liked my veil. Few people came to me and said they wanted me to make veils for their weddings, that’s how I got into this and then I started to do a few veils, boutneirs and things like that.

And then later I got to know Business Seva people and they encouraged me a lot, especially Archana, she encouraged me a lot and said I need to make it big. I was pretty happy being a very small business person but then she encouraged me. Through Business Seva I got to meet a lot of people who helped me with my work. Last time when we had the conference we had a small women’s seminar which Ann Powell took. It encouraged me a lot. And I was asking God to give me an opportunity to do the same thing again and God gave me an opportunity to do that in our WSCS in our Church. God has been using me with a lot of ideas. I have a lot of ideas now and I am so happy and I am so glad that God put me in this family of Business Seva.

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