The story of LOVE MOMO – Suraj Bhujel

Suraj and Anju

My name is Suraj Bhujel and I am originally from Hamiltongunj. When I was very young, my parents passed away due to some illness. After completing my Diploma in Theology, I joined an organisation called Vision Rescue and from the little I earned from my job, I had to take care of my little brother and myself.

In 2011 I got married and my income was not enough for me to support my family. During that time I was struggling financially. One day I took a few dumplings I had made at home to one of the Connect Group(Business Seva Kolkata ) meetings. All who had come, liked the dumplings and encouraged me to start a street stall or an outlet from where I could sell them. I was interested as I was looking for a way to earn so I could support my family and take care of my brother. With the help from the team and a little bit of my savings, I started selling dumplings from my home and got a very encouraging response. Within a couple of months I could raise enough capital to set up a street stall.

Now I work a full-time as a teacher in the evening and also sell dumplings at the street stall. I could also provide employment to 4 people. Three of them are involved in making the dumplings during the day and one other helps me sell the dumplings in the evening. I am also training my brother Sadok to handle the business and want to help him set up another stall in a different market area.

I am also planning to get a proper food cart to sell the dumplings. Mr. Anil Pillai(Branch Mentor, Kolkata) and other members of the Group are helping me to design the cart and create a brand. They are also raising some funds to help me to set up the new cart. I am really grateful to the Connect Group (Business Seva Kolkata). I wish that more people like me can be benefited from such programs and be able to earn and become self-sufficient.

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