Business Seva, an Indian affiliate of Partners Worldwide, is an organization working among Christian business owners and those who are called to serve our community. Our calling is Business As Ministry for a world without poverty. We strongly believe God has called those of us in business to grow our business, create new jobs and end poverty by community development for the underprivileged, the marginalized, and the oppressed people in our country.

A non-denominational non-profit organization, Business Seva is committed to the advancement of God’s kingdom in the marketplace.

We encourage, train and support our businessmen to move towards a sustainable business and thereby create and sustain jobs and serve the community around them. We are backed by a core team of business leaders who invest their skills, knowledge, and experience into the lives of emerging marketplace leaders. Business Seva has been the cause of life changing experiences among its members. Their businesses have been transformed. Realizing their higher calling, they have now become a channel of abundant life to their peers, to their community and to the oppressed.

Business Seva was started by Michael Brian, in the year 2008, when a group of young first generation entrepreneurs decided to fellowship, to help each other, to network and to learn from their experiences. Over the past five years as the membership grew from 6 members to 1250 members, we have learnt that there are 5 important services (pillars) that Business Seva can offer to its members to achieve growth, creation of new jobs, sustainable companies and community development – relation building, training, mentoring, networking and connecting businesses to financial institutions.

VISION: Build market place leaders.

MISSION: Create and support sustainable enterprise and create brand new jobs to help the marginalised and poverty stricken youth.

VALUES: Seva arrow-right (Service). We want to serve one another and in the process intentionally build relationship with each of our chapter members.